Red Wine Wassail Over Ice – A Festive Winter Cocktail

Posted by Kyle Brown, Oliver Pluff & Co. on 29th Aug 2017

In the holidays we have served a warm wine wassail with red wine or port. Old English Wassail spices of orange peel, ginger, cinnamon, allspice, and cloves are steeped at heat for an hour or two, yiel … read more

OP Favorite: the Cacao-Coffee Blend

Posted by Danna Mathias, Oliver Pluff & Co. on 18th Jul 2017

We all love a little chocolate in our coffee every once in a while, but the added sugar? Not so much. Luckily, the Oliver Pluff warehouse is never in short supply of our favorite Cacao Shell Tea, whic … read more
The Origins of the Tea Brick

The Origins of the Tea Brick

Posted by Ashley Isom, Oliver Pluff & Co. on 23rd Mar 2017

Black Tea Brick, China. Photography by Kyle Brown. All Rights Reserved. Estimated to be formed around 350 A.D., tea bricks have become a part of Chinese and European culture throughout the ages. … read more

Cocoa and Cacao Shell Tea

Posted by Natalie Carey – Tea Historian, Oliver Pluff & Co. on 15th Mar 2017

19th Century Drinking Chocolate Ceramics, London. Special thanks to: GEORGE C. BIRLANT & CO. (Antiques), Charleston, 843-722-3842, Photography: Kyle Brown. All Rights R … read more

Colonial Tea Prices

Posted by Natalie Carey – Tea Historian, Oliver Pluff & Co. on 14th Mar 2017

The price of tea in England declined during the 18th century. Now able to afford this commodity, English laborers included tea in their budgets for the first time. A study of such budgets published … read more