Oolong- Teabags in Glass Jar

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Oolong- Teabags in Glass Jar

Contents: ½ Lb small teabags (100 teabags) - Oolong Tea Leaves 

Notes:  Oolong tea is processed to create tea with characteristics of both green and black tea, with an obvious sweet and nutty aroma.  The tea is withered in the strong sun, before twisting, curling, and drying.  

History:  Oolong was discovered in the Wuyi province of China in the 16th century, and was often pressed into tea bricks or tea cakes.  Americans in the 18th century purchased tea from this region in this form, which preserved it for travel.  When tea cakes fell out of fashion and loose tea was preferred, the more modern form of oolong was produced.

Type:  Pillow Sachet Teabags

Hand Packaged by Oliver Pluff & Co. in Charleston, South Carolina