Environmentally Friendly Teabags

Environmentally Friendly Teabags

Posted by Oliver Pluff on 2nd Oct 2019

Recently, I was asked if the teabags we use are safe for individuals and the environment. I am happy to let you know our Teabags are all natural, non GMO and fully biodegradable and are perfectly … read more
August Transitions and New Beginnings

August Transitions and New Beginnings

Posted by Oliver Pluff on 13th Aug 2019

I have always enjoyed August. To me it is a month for transitions and new beginnings. I grew up in Maine and every year at the start of this month, the temperature seemed to change ‘overnight’ and … read more

Bohea Barbecued Brisket Recipe

Posted by ~Oliver Pluff & Caroline Ann Hurdt on 20th Jun 2019

A dear friend (and great photographer) shared the following recipe for using Colonial Bohea Tea as a dry rub for Brisket. I thought I would share, Hope you enjoy! ~OliverDinner last night was TO … read more

Of Flags, Stories, and Iced Tea

Posted by Oliver Pluff on 14th Jun 2019

Today is Flag day. On June 14th, 1777, the Continental Congress adopted the Flag of the United States. The story we all know says Betsey Ross sewed the original flag, improving on the design the C … read more