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Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party

Posted by Oliver Pluff on 16th Dec 2020

Today marks the 247th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.  The event changed the character of the discontent that the people of Boston as well as the rest of the colonies showed to the British.  While up to that point, many colonists hoped to resolve the disagreement with the Crown and British Government peacefully, the dumping of Tea in the Harbor took the events from talk to action.   In the other colonies, communities took up the protest of the tea tax and held their own tea parties.  If you want to learn more, Joseph Cummins has a book called, "Ten Tea Parties:  Patriotic Protests that History Forgot" (2012 by Quirk Books) that tells the tale of these events and how the Boston Tea Party galvanized the rebellion.   

If you want to learn more about the Boston Tea Party, I recommend you visit the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum in Boston.  It shares the stories of Sons of Liberty and has recreated one of the ships involved.  The staff also reenacts the events of the day.  Right now, you cannot visit the museum as it was recently closed due to COVID Restrictions, but you can still visit their website and support their mission by ordering gifts from their website.

Around the country, there are more historic sites than there are McDonalds.  These sites depend on donations and visitors entry fees as well as when you shop in their gift stores to help fund their missions and to tell the stories of our past.   With the pandemic, these sites are in danger of closing their doors.   Please remember to visit when you can, donate and shop from them.    Happy Holidays.    ~Oliver