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Hot Tea Brewing



Oliver Pluff & Company prefers to brew casually and experimentally. 

We offer the tea drinker some starting points for brewing an 8 oz cup of hot tea for several different types.  Time limits, temperatures, and tea portions are offered for fullest taste and health benefit, and to avoid bitterness that comes with a longer black tea brew. 

Sip it while it steeps to decide for yourself when it tastes best. 

Green teas are sweeter and brighter in a steaming brew (lower temps, 140-160 degrees), more bitter in a boiling brew (190 degrees+). 

Black tea reaches its boldness quickly and only needs about 3-4 minutes in the cup. Irish Breakfast and English Breakfast blends well with milk and sugar. 

Oolongs become richer with a brew of around 5 minutes. 

African red teas improve to become very smooth and full with a longer, hotter brew (15 minutes+) and continue to release more healthy nutrients with a longer brew.  

On average, 1 pound of tea brews 150 cups.

Double the quantity of tea to serve as an iced tea - to allow for ice melt.