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Iced Tea Cocktails


Figs and Co. cocktail served at The Lot in Charleston, South Carolina. Created by Kris Eby. Photo: Lydia Mckee

"Figs and Co." 

Created by Kris Eby, Charleston, South Carolina

Notes: A dark and citrusy black tea cocktail

1oz Fig and Fennel Vodka
1oz Earl Grey Syrup (Tea + Turbinado Sugar)
.5oz Orange Juice


Brew Earl Grey tea, then dissolve turbinado sugar while the tea is hot to create an Earl Grey syrup. Combine spirits, juice and syrup in a shaker tin filled with ¾ ice and shake. Pour the contents into a chilled rocks glass. Serve with a short staw. Garnish with fig spears.




Merchants Cobbler cocktail with lightly smoky bohea syrup. Created in Memphis, TN. Photo: Josh Conley

"Merchant's Cobbler" 

Created by Josh Conley, Memphis, TN

Notes: This is a classic fortified wine based cobbler. Bohea tea syrup provides a subtle smoky layer for this cocktail. 

1 oz. Madiera (a dry Madiera like a sercial. A white port could perhaps work well here too.)
.5 oz. Agricole Rhum
.5 oz Bohea Syrup
3 Large strips of Orange (cut with a Y shaped vegetable peeler)
2 Large strips of Grapefruit
Cracked Ice
Tobacco Bitters (Bitter Queens from San Francisco)


Combine the spirits and citrus zest in a shaker tin filled 3/4 with cracked ice and shake like hell. Pour the contents, unstrained, into a chilled rocks glass. Put 3 or so drops of the bitters around the drink I top. Serve with a short straw. 

Traditionally, this drink would be over garnished with fruit.

Learn more: Merchant's Cobbler  


"St. Cecilia Punch"

Published in the book Charleston Receipts

Notes: A Green iced tea based cocktail. Green tea has been blended with rums and brandies since the time when America was a colony. 

6 lemons
1 quart brandy
1 pineapple
1 ½ pounds sugar
1 quart green tea
1 pint heavy rum
1 quart peach brandy
4 quarts champagne
2 quarts carbonated water
1 large block of ice


Directions: Slice lemons thins and cover with brandy. Allow to steep for 24 hours. Several hours before ready to serve, slice the pineapple into the bowl with the lemons slices, then add the sugar, tea, rum, and peach brandy. Stir well. When ready to serve, add the champagne and the water. 80-90 servings.