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Tea by the Pound

Tea by the Pound Lb

Pictured: Gunpowder Tea - Tightly Rolled and Lightly Roasted Green Tea.

When steeped, whole green tea leaves unfurl in hot water. 

As a tea importer and blender based in Charleston, South Carolina, Oliver Pluff & Company offers Teas of Yore for historical enthusiasts, mixologists, and tea drinkers around the world. Tea by the Pound is of the very freshest stock, packaged on order, and shipped within 1 business day. Bohea, Hyson, Congou, Singlo, and Lapsang Souchong are the five teas that were destroyed in the Boston Tea Party, available here in bulk. East Indian Tea was destroyed in the Charleston Tea Party. Colonial Teas and British Legacy Teas are offered alongside refreshing flavored black tea blends, herbal tea blends, and varietals. Cacao shell by the Pound is newly available. 

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